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    Blurppy’s Artist Poster Project #3

    I was invited to join Blurppy’s artist poster project (aka Poster Posse) in which a group of pop culture artists take on an upcoming film and do their version of a killer poster for it. Project #2 was for Star Trek Into Darkness.
    The film for Project #3 is none other than Guillermo del Toro’s epic “Pacific Rim,” which I can’t wait to see. I wanted to do something a bit light-hearted that referenced vintage wrestling / boxing posters, manga, and monster movie posters. I had a friend help me with a Japanese translation - it says “The battle for Earth’s survival is on the Pacific Rim.” Thanks, Julio!
    The project was released in two sections, Phase 1 and Phase 2, which includes my piece. Thanks again to Blurppy for including me!
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      Cool poster! Giant robots vs giant sea monsters! Going to see the movie tomorrow!!
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